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This is so true, all of you who are going back to school, wether it is on August or September, if you see any new kids who look lonely, just say an “hi”. Or even if you see someone who his bullied, try and help him/her. Many kids have many problems at home and it must be really hard to have no friends specially in those cases, so show them you are open to them, even a simple “Hi! How are you? Enjoying your new school? Do you like your classmates?”. It’s easy, and that way they don’t feel so lonely and it’s a great way to help them. I will try to do it to. :)
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One month ago… Time flies!
One month ago at this time, there I was, watching the best singer on Earth (for me ofc), listening to the most beautiful, wonderful, sweetest and heartwarming voice in the world. There I was having the time of my life, about to become the best day of my life. I still remember this gig every night since then. It was just so special, and it will be unforgettable. I miss this, I wanna get back…
Anyway, I have the best memories, of the greatest moment of my life, and I will never forget it. <3 <3 <3
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"I’m Lovin’ Angels Instead" <3
Best photo I took myself.
Thank you Robbie! <3
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"Lisbon… the pleasure was all mine. Big fun! Photo: @robsessedthatters"
No, the pleasure was all our!
Can’t wait to see you again! <3
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Behind the scenes with GVE's Ferrari 458. Jewellery by Anil Arjandas.More of our footage at
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Who are you gonna call?
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